Drake Passage


Today was down day as we crossed the Drake passage.  To us it felt like the boat was rolling a lot, but the experienced staff on board have said today has been a relatively calm day.  Many were seasick, but for those who were not the day was spent in the stupor of seasickness medications.  Nonetheless, we started to develop our sea legs, learned to navigate the stairs, got used to walking down the hallway holding on to the handrails, figured out how to eat while rolling side to side, and began making the adjustment to the constant rocking that would become second nature in the ensuing 3 weeks.

Flat Glen and Glenda made the transition effortlessly and enjoyed a delicious breakfast.


This attempt to capture the movement of the ship seems to fall short as it doesn’t capture the visceral feelings we experienced in the pits of our stomachs, but it does capture the allure of the sea and the freedom of being in open water.


Tomorrow things should settle out significantly as we reach Antarctica. Our first shore landing will be tomorrow – can’t wait!!

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